Automatic fish food feeder
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Aquaculture equipment

Aquaculture equipment

The new aerators increase oxygen by 60% and save energy by 50%. Different types of aerators for your choices. automatic fish & shrimp food feeder feed fan angle > 140 °, feeding distance is 17 meters.

We produce feeder more than 30,000pcs per year.  The pump is certified by CE and ISO, and its quality is stable. Our products are always being developing!

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Aquaculture medicines and supplements

Environment-friendly, We developed 12 series 150 kinds of products, covering almost all needs at all stages in aquaculture industry and water treatment industry.

Our services have covered most areas of China, and have entered the Southeast Asia market, Thailand, Vietnam.

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Aquaculture medicines and supplements
Testing equipment

Testing equipment

The main products include pH, ORP, conductivity, ion Concentration, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, alkali acid concentration and electrode etc .

Rich product lines, to provide you with professional aquaculture products. Used in aquaculture research and production testing.

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abpae about us

ABP Aquaculture Equipment Ltd. is the first B2B exporting company which specializes in offering aquaculture industrial needs.

ABP can be your best aquaculture partner, offering and sourcing automatic fish & shrimp food feeder, bumps, impeller aerator, feed mixing machine, aquaculture applicator, fish grader, water pants and microscopes with water quality testing instrument.

  • Our factories have over 15 years of production experience
  • We offer stable raw materials purchasing
  • Special orders have close follow-up management
  • Laudable lead time & shipment control …
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what our customers say about us

Thank you for your many contributions to ABP.

Kim, importer, Thailand

The company I work for does a lot of work with ABP and I find the staff at ABP to be really friendly and great to work with!

Anne, importer, Malaysia

Harmony is the best! Great service and excellent products!

Mick, importer , Peru

In manufacturing, reliability is everything. That’s what we get from ABP. If all our equipment worked as well…our jobs would be easier.

James, distributor, Egypt

Our product is critical. That’s why our choice is ABP equipment.

Juan , Farmer Ecuador

The benefits of working with ABP include product support, product reliability, and a wide range of products to handle almost anything we encounter.

Eric, importer Indonesia

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