Automatic fish feeder pond fish feeder in Aquaculture STLZ-150ZS

///Automatic fish feeder pond fish feeder in Aquaculture STLZ-150ZS
Automatic fish feeder pond fish feeder in Aquaculture STLZ-150ZS 2019-05-08T10:12:04+00:00

Project Description

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Controller instructions for use:

Name: LCD automatic control box. (Applicable models: T120Z, T150Z, T150ZS)

Function Description:

This Z series fully automatic control box has 24 hours and 8 periods of cycle feeding function, which can be started and shut down at regular time and no material for three minutes. Once set, it can be used for a long period of time without having to set it every day. Users just need to pour material every day, worry and effort. The


1.Adjust Hours (set clock, proofreading Beijing time):

Tap the “Time” button to see that the “lock” graphic in the clock dialog box is on. Press “hour” to set the hour and press “minute” to set the minute. 30 seconds after the setting is completed, it will automatically lock. The

  1. Time period (up to eight time periods can be set):

Select “Auto” status, repeatedly press “Time period” to select any period of 1-8. The cursor will flash for the selected period. Press “Set”. The boot time will flash. Press “Time” or “Minute” to set the boot time. Press “SET” again and the off time will flash. Press “Time” or “Minute” to set the off time. Press “Start” after completion to enter the standby state, and the time will automatically work. The

  1. Cancel (cancel unused periods):

Press “Time period” in the auto status, the cursor blinks for the selected time period. Press “Cancel” at this time to cancel the time period and no time is displayed. To resume, press “Settings” after the selected time period, no need to reset the time. Remember to press “Start” to finish working.


After each function is set, you must press the “Start” button to work. Calls can continue to work after a power outage without restarting.

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Fish food feeder Specification:

Host parametersHigh speed
Electric Motor150W
Total power120W
Feeding Distance8-17mtrs
Fan Angle130°
Suitable For Water Area360M2
Max Feeding Capacity500kg/h
Feed Broken Percentage≤5%
Machine Size560*560*106mm
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