Splash aeratorsWYL-1.5/splash/pond fountain/Acuacultura/Acuicultura/camarones/Tilapia/Vannamei/Piscultura

///Splash aeratorsWYL-1.5/splash/pond fountain/Acuacultura/Acuicultura/camarones/Tilapia/Vannamei/Piscultura
Splash aeratorsWYL-1.5/splash/pond fountain/Acuacultura/Acuicultura/camarones/Tilapia/Vannamei/Piscultura 2021-10-22T08:17:08+00:00

Project Description

Splash aerator/splash aerators/Splash

Model: WYL-1.5

Power: 1.5kw

Net weight: 32kg

Aeration area: 2600-5300 m2

Voltage: 380V

Power efficiency: ≥2.8kg/kWh

Noise: ≤70(B/A)

Insulation resistance : >1


1.1. SOTR:    2.3kg o2/h 

  1. How much cable does the aerator bring?  5m  the cable length can be adjusted by your request.
  2. The winding of the motor is 100% copper and what insulation does it have?  Class F insulation indicates that the insulation heat resistance of the generator is 155 °C.
  3. Is the float in HDPE, which resists sun exposure, acidity and alkalinity? yes
  4. The aerator can be used in fresh and salt water. both
  5. Are they manufactured at voltage 110V / 220V – 60Hz single phase 220V – 60Hz three phase? The 110v/ 220v 60HZ can be manufactured, The MOQ is 100pcs, the sample can be produced by your request. the cost will be updated by your inquiry. 
  6. Does the aerator have a mechanical seal and seal? have seal 
  7. Is the motor super tightly sealed, which guarantees that the water will not enter? yes, water will not enter and no oil leakage. make sure the water is clean no oil pollution.
  8. What guarantee do these aerators have?   Guarantee 1 year. ( Missing phase and artificial damage to the machine are not guaranteed), in the end market, the farmers use machines 3-5 years usually. 
  9. Do you have spare parts for retainers, seals and propellers? yes. all parts manufactured by the factory
  10. To what R.P.M. they work? 1400 rpm
  11. Flow rate: m3 / h? In China, the testing department tests the Oxygen supply ability on this item no flow rate.
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